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We ship both ways via Air. Usually, our shipment takes 7 to 10 business days to get to its destination, but with the current covid-19, it might add few more days for pickup. Goods need to get us latest Thursday at 12pm to guarantee your shipment leaving for that week.  *Note Payment is required before we ship out

  1. The UK to Nigeria every week on 
  2. Nigeria to the UK every week on FRIDAYS.

Rates: -

Over 10kg - £4.6 plus £20 handling fees (Pick up in Lagos Office)

Under 10kg - £40 (Pick up in Lagos Office)

Home delivery in Lagos includes additional £20

Home delivery to other state depends on location.

Please note TSA prohibits the habit of shipping electronics with ions battery or Perfume (Dangerous goods) with Household goods. They all need to be shipped separately from Household goods. Any ions battery goods have their own price separate like below: -

New Phone is £30 each

New Laptop is £50 each

Perfume is £20 each

Minimum weight still stands as 10kg which is £40 If you have 1 phone, you will be charged for the minimum weight 10kg (£40), if you have 2 new phones, you will be charged the first phone as the minimum weight 10kg (£40) while the 2nd phone is £30.