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Chikki Chicken Noodles

Contains 40 Pieces..

₦2,835 Ex Tax: ₦2,700

Dangote Iodized Salt

Iodized Salt..

₦105 Ex Tax: ₦100

Gino Pepper & Onion

1 Roll of 5 pieces. Good for stews and soupsMade from organic grown pepper and onionMake tasty meal..

₦367.50 Ex Tax: ₦350

Gino Tomato Paste

Contains no sweetening agents. Good for the preparation of soups, stews and jollofNo artificial flav..

₦367.50 Ex Tax: ₦350

Golden Penny Noodles

Affordable Great Value for money Premium..

₦1,890 Ex Tax: ₦1,800

Knorr Chicken - 8G

Gives food a wonderful taste..

₦577.50 Ex Tax: ₦550

Mr Chef Iodized Salt


₦105 Ex Tax: ₦100

Simas Butter - 250G

Can be used for cooking and baking Highly fortified with Vitamins A and D Can be used to cook ..

₦262.50 Ex Tax: ₦250

Tasty Tom Tomato Puree - 70G

Contains no sweetening agents. No artificial flavours and colouring agentsProduced from carefully an..

₦315 Ex Tax: ₦300

Ayoola Bean Flour


₦1,155 Ex Tax: ₦1,100

Ayoola Poundo Yam

Highly nutritiousEasy to prepare..

₦472.50 Ex Tax: ₦450

Ayoola Rice Flour


₦1,312.50 Ex Tax: ₦1,250



₦1,312.50 Ex Tax: ₦1,250



₦562.50 Ex Tax: ₦535.71

Bournvita Jar 500g

Starting your morning with a hot cup of cocoa is something we're all familiar with. These yummy choc..

₦1,365 Ex Tax: ₦1,300